How to ensure a perfect fit

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Just like a well tailored suit, a pair of glasses should also be a proper fit for the wearer. A proper fitting frame is more flattering, more comfortable, and more effective at helping us see better or keeping the sun out of our eyes. 



How to extend the life of your glasses?

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Using both hands to wear and remove our glasses may not be as dashing as a one-hand maneuver, but we will avoid loosening or misaligning the frames especially around the earpieces. It will also cause the frames to be out of fit to our face. 



How to read Eyeglass Prescriptions.

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After having your annual comprehensive eye exam, your optometrist may give you a prescription. There are many different abbreviations and terms used that can make learning how to read an eyeglass or contact lens prescription confusing.



What is the right way to clean your glasses?

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All spectacle wearers love that great feeling when they put on their glasses after cleaning and enjoy unhindered vision again. Wouldn't it be wonderful if our glasses were always clean and smears, streaks and fingerprints were a thing of the past? Proper lens care does not only ensure better vision. It also lengthens the lifetime of your glasses. Improper cleaning can also damage modern lenses even if they have an anti-scratch hard coating.

What should be the color of frames

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  • Consider Colors That Match Your Skin Tone

Just as the shape of your face helps determine which frames look best, so does your skin tone. More important than hair color and more decisive than eye color, skin tone sets the tone for high fashion frames. Select a shade closest to your skin tone: