Why we need more than a pair of eyewear.

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We believe that you need as many pairs of glasses as you have shoes. The simple reason is that people look at our face before they look at our feet.


Eyewear online are offering a wide array of fashionable designer spectacles at much lower prices than brick and mortar stores. This as such is luring shoppers to buy numerous pairs to wear as fashion accessories.

The trend is healthy as a single pair tends to distort and wear out faster and in many cases, impairing vision. Online customers recognise the value and often purchase an average of two pairs at a go.

No longer are spectacles big- ticket, once-yearly purchases - made only when the old pair has broken or when one's prescription has changed.

It used to be that affluent customers would either replace a broken frame or make a new pair if their prescription had changed.

But now, more people are buying new frames just for a change and also because they are more affordable when purchased online..

With the pursuit of individualism by milleniums, consumers who need to wear glasses are turning it to their advantage and see it as a chance to make a personal statement.

What we wear affects how we look and what people think of us, so naturally, we wear spectacles that make us look more attractive.

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