What is the right way to clean your glasses?

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All spectacle wearers love that great feeling when they put on their glasses after cleaning and enjoy unhindered vision again. Wouldn't it be wonderful if our glasses were always clean and smears, streaks and fingerprints were a thing of the past? Proper lens care does not only ensure better vision. It also lengthens the lifetime of your glasses. Improper cleaning can also damage modern lenses even if they have an anti-scratch hard coating.

Even if they are often used as the last resort, tissues or shirt sleeves are certainly not the best solution. Articles of clothing and tissues often leave particles of dust or dirt on the lenses, causing micro-scratches. This gradually impairs the quality of the lenses, and your vision suffers as a result. Scratches cannot be removed either from plastic or glass lenses. Even if the defect only appears to be of a cosmetic nature, light is dispersed by the micro-fine scratches, therefore irritating the eye. This often means you have to buy new glasses.

The following rule applies both for thorough cleaning of your glasses at home and for fast but effective cleaning when you are out and about: you should start by rubbing a micro-fibre cloth or a folded lens cleaning wipe gently over the surface to first remove coarse dirt particles.

If you have to clean your spectacle lenses quickly, please don't be tempted to use your shirt sleeve, scarf, etc. For cleaning your lenses when you are not at home, lens wipes are the perfect solution – they take up practically no space and are immediately ready for use.. If necessary, a simple microfibre cloth also will also fit the bill, but dry cloths are not always ideal, especially when it comes to removing greasy substances. It is better to first moisten the cloth with a cleaning spray and then clean the lens.

Many spectacle wearers hold their lenses under running water to clean them. This may involve more effort than using professional cleaning agents, but it definitely has the desired effect. To do this, rub a drop of pH-neutral washing-up liquid between your fingers until suds are formed and then apply this to the lenses. Then rinse the lenses under running, lukewarm water and dry them gently but thoroughly with a microfibre cloth.

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