Why we offer free blue tint protection?

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In the modern world, almost all light source has a high proportion of damaging blue lights. From light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and xenon light to energy-saving bulbs and electromagnetic radiation from screens, all the "new light sources" that are designed to make our lives better and easier contain a higher proportion of blue light than the old traditional light bulbs. The different spectral composition of the light means that we are exposed to significantly more blue light than before. Could this be having a detrimental effect on our eyesight?

But it is important to remember that spending one hour outside on a normal overcast day exposes our eyes to 30 times more blue light than spending one hour inside sitting in front of a screen.

It makes sense that clear spectacle lenses do not require UV protection if we mainly wear them indoors. However, it is best to wear clear lenses with a blue light filter. This is because  the different wavelengths of visible light are refracted in slightly different ways by the cornea and crystalline lens, so not all of them strike the same focal point on the retina. Some people will be familiar with these kind of phenomena – for example the fact that it's easier to clearly see red at a distance and blue close up, or the way in which infographics with red, green and blue lines are more tiring to keep in focus than lines which are all shaded in the same or similar colours.


So important to well protect the eyes from harmful blue rays. This is why we at FIRST EYESHOP ONLINE insists on this blue tint as complimentary to you.. We are able to do this because of online savings.