Why our eye habits are changing?

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Tablets, smart phones and other digital displays are not only changing the light spectrum we are exposed to – they are also changing our visual behavior. It's important to recognize that we are spending far more time looking at things "close up" than we did before. That's often because the background brightness is too low. This is even a problem among children: "school myopia" refers to the increasing propensity of children to suffer from shortsightedness once they start school.


If we fail to spend enough time looking into the distance, then our eyes don't get as much opportunity to relax, and we essentially "unlearn" the ability to focus quickly for various distances. This is the root to digital eye strain. In addition, we naturally blink less when we're staring at digital displays, so our cornea is moistened less frequently by tear fluid. This can lead to tired and stained eyes and in the worst case it can even impair our vision.

It is important that we give our eyes more frequent breaks by looking into the distance much more often – even when we are in the middle of working on our laptop, tablet or smartphone. Do make sure our eyes are exposed to enough brightness while ensuring they are adequately protected against excessive UV and and blue-violet light. 

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