About Us

First Eyeshop Online has the mission to provide quality designer eyewear with quality lenses to ensure that Singaporeans get the best value for their dollar.


Our designer eyewear prices are slashed by more than fifty percent in a warehouse blowout business proposition. Our quality lenses are supplied to us via one of the largest European lenses manufacturer. Together with an online platform which cuts out the ultra costly retail rentals, we are able to offer the finest eyewear at an awesome value proposition. We like to do our small part to keep the cost of living in Singapore down.


We took up the challenge to provide Singaporeans a better option to poorly rated eyewear provided by Japanese chain store.. Even in UK, about 10% of prescription eyewear sold in optical practices found in the likes of malls and heartlands are found to be unacceptable in a recent UK college news report. There is another 3% that is classed as not safe. Turning to cheaper but lower quality source is not the ideal solution. We did a count on comments on a sponsored FB post by a Japanese chain in Singapore and found the dissatisfaction index even higher. Better, as such, to buy quality eyewear online and be in full control. The online savings will always suffice to offer you the best for less.  Further more, we adsorb GST and provide free courier delivery within Singapore. Delivery can be to your home or office address.


All or prescription lenses come with a complimentary blue control coating to protect your eyes from harmful rays from your hand phones, computers and televisions. Our lenses are pratically going at cost plus prices. We are able to support this pricing because of online volume coupled with general online savings.


Among our eyewear selection, we make it more fun to shop by having treasures among the selection that are priced at $1, $2, $3, $4 and $5 upwards.


All our frames are pre-selected to ensure the best custom fit for Asian facial contours. On our web page you can even try out all the eyewear before buying. Simply use our stock model pictures or upload your own picture to try out all our frames. It is fun an awesome to be able to do it at your own time and at your own convenience.


Since 2010, e-commerce has grown from 2 percent of digital spending to 20 percent of digital spending. The covenience and practicality of shopping online means less ambling through shopping centres and less making incidental purchases at adjacent stores ("I am tired, let's go home...same same stuff at every mall"). Quality family time is no longer mall strolls.


First Eyeshop Online is well positioned to support our online clients through our award winning retail shop and optometrist clinic which has the latest state of the art equipment for your eye care. Our parent company has been in the eyewear and eyecare business for more than half a century and is the winner of the prestigious Singapore Business Luminary award in year 2016. Being the first and only in the industry to win this award brings even greater glory.




Careen Low 
Founder and Managing Director
Peter Lim
Maree Goh 
Noel Ng
Media Consultant